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Technical Support On Tap 24/7

by | Apr 26, 2022 | IT

Service Desk On Tap

Imagine running your business with service desk support on tap. Your business vision needs to have clear focus and absolutely no obstacles holding back your ambition. Start off with a check list. The first considerations would likely be hiring the right staff, HR legalities with contracts and NDAs, equipment and desks for each member of your IT team. Further down the list you’d have to decide if your business would benefit from night shift and weekend staff. Out of office hours support would potentially be an opportunity for business growth. Does the check list look like a list of obstacles?

Game-Changing Service Desk

Suppose you can handover the check list in exchange for a contract with an outsourcing company. A business that provides you and your staff with Level 1 and Level 2 service desk support 24/7. Wouldn’t that be an attractive prospect? Someone else does the contracting for you, someone else hosts the service desk support team, as well as the complexities of night and weekend skilled workers. Your company is taken care of with L1 and L2 service desk support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now that’s a game-changer.

L1 & L2 IT Service Desk

Resolutions for technical issues, problems, queries or equipment failure are all managed by different tiers within the service desk. The complexity of the issue will determine the tier level. Level 1 service desk offers users the first tier of support to staff. Any small issues such as resetting a password, dealing with basic troubleshooting, product information, set up or installation of software, can be dealt with L1 service desk. The L1 IT staff have limited access to data but are incredibly efficient at solving common issues. Whereas L2 service desk will deal with more complex issues and will have more access to sensitive data. Any issues logged will be allocated to the most appropriate tier.

Indispensable Lifesaving Work

Technical support service is indispensable to a business that depends on technology. Think of a business like a racing chariot – product users are the chariot’s wheels. If a wheel stops, it could scythe the whole chariot, unless someone specialising in wheel repairs comes to the rescue. Knowing how to use equipment doesn’t make you an expert at dealing with technical issues. Product knowledge is one thing, ability to fix a problem is something entirely different. Technical support is a life saver when your work depends on your computer.

Staff need to be well equipped and fully operational, with a support team at hand whenever necessary. An in-house service desk can be expensive but your primary objective is to grow your business, so you should eliminate costs by outsourcing your technical support.


This article was originally published by Chris O’Reilly, Founder and Chairman of EXO Edge