EXO Edge announces Rajesh Kumar as the business’s new Chief Technology Officer. Rajesh brings over 18 years of experience in global technology leadership roles.

EXO Edge is an outsourcing and scalability partner with a team of over 500 specialists. The company provides IT services to corporate clients, including IT Service Desk, Digital Workplace Solutions, Cloud Enablement, Managed Security Services, Client Analytics, and Digital Service Management.

EXO Edge CEO Conor Looney says, “We are experiencing rapid growth and recruiting experienced staff to support our global client base.” Conor further states that “Rajesh’s experience working in different industries and different countries is essential for us as we work to deliver a seamless, secure client-focused global operation.”

Rajesh is passionate about technology, particularly Digital, Cloud, and Security, and says that he looks forward to “leading our EXO Edge technology group and partnering with our corporate clients worldwide.”