A top Property Management Company reduces administration costs by outsourcing their Contract Management


With the client’s core business being leasing of properties, there were multiple contract signed with tenants. This required a central repository to store, manage and review the hundreds of documents.


EXO Edge’s final solution to the client was assisting with its contract lifecycle management software. EXO Edge assisted the client with choosing and implementing this software.

A contract team of 5 members extracted fields from the contract such as date, party names, term, and payment. The team then interpreted the subjective parts of the contract and summarized them in layman language so that the users who are not lawyers can also easily understand the terms.

EXO Edge’s assistance with the contract lifecycle management software increased the profit margin for the client by ensuring no upcoming deadlines were missed, including on renewals, terminations and fee appraisals.

EXO Edge’s highly secure data privacy standards, including its ISO 27001 certifications, provided assurance to the client to give it complete control over documents and the system.

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What our clients are saying…

Everybody knows that success does not come overnight. To be recognized as an expert in your field, you have to work hard at servicing your customers and be innovative to stay ahead of your competition, and EXO Edge helped us do that.

– CFO, EXO Client