eDiscovery company reduces costs by $800K via EXO Edge support


The owner of a mid-tier eDiscovery firm with offices on four continents saw his profits shrinking as competition increased and service pricing commoditized.


Outsourcing data processing, IT and sales support to EXO Edge reduced the company’s costs by $800,000 while the quality of services remained excellent.

The Full Story:

An eDiscovery firm with offices around the globe was continually evolving to keep up with the best software and technology for its clients. However, as competition increased, service pricing needed to be reduced, and the business’s profits were shrinking.

EXO Edge created a proposal to take over the eDiscovery firm’s data processing and IT support while also adding sales support. After only eight months, the business was able to reduce its costs by $800,000.

Through moving some positions to EXO Edge, the eDiscovery firm was able to reduce its personnel and benefits costs, reducing its outlays for salaries, overtime pay, health, dental and life insurance policies. It also was able to reduce the infrastructure setup cost.

Besides the monetary costs, there have been a number of further benefits. The EXO Edge team staffs the data processing team 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is simply an extension of the service provider’s team. Staffing for holidays, weekends and vacations is no longer a challenge as there is a much larger pool of people available for shifts. EXO Edge’s 24/7 IT department now supports the eDiscovery firm remotely, running most updates of employee computers, services and critical infrastructure after hours to avoid employee disruption.

Satisfaction of the employees at the eDiscovery provider has increased, with associates citing less stress because they have less administrative tasks to fill their days and less overtime hours. When they log off, the EXO Edge team logs in. It’s now a true, 24/7, “Follow the Sun” business.

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“By adding EXO Edge data processing and IT support to our team, we have reduced the number of overtime hours our employees faced while also improving morale. Additionally, our clients have benefited as they truly can receive assistance at any time of day, something that proved challenging with the smaller team.”

– eDiscovery firm’s Vice President of Operations