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EXO Edge’s client, a large staffing and recruitment company with offices in Europe was looking for a way to reduce costs while still maintaining their value proposition of speed, quality, compliance, and innovation. More than 100 recruiters in the US and UK were spending 13 percent of their working time formatting resumes to make them more presentable to their Fortune 500 end clients. That time could be better-spent screening candidates instead.

EXO Edge Solution

EXO Edge reviewed the client’s current work process and standard instructions of formatting resumes. An initial consultation call with the regional team was held to understand the volume of resumes and expected turnaround time. Four resources and 1 team lead from EXO Edge were assigned to work in the local recruiters’ time zone and take over this task. EXO Edge’s India-based team leader liaised directly with the client senior team members on a daily basis. EXO Edge was able to meet or exceed expectations of turning over 400 to 500 resumes per day in a time of 20 to 25 minutes.

The client was very satisfied with the quality of work and felt confident to expand the project to include job description preparation. The turnaround time for this was pegged at two hours. One HR associate was deployed to create the job descriptions for the client, which saved them additional time and money.


With an implementation period of only 30 days, EXO Edge added efficiencies and were independently handling both the tasks – Formatting Resumes and Creating Job Descriptions – within 6 months. Reporting metrics and quality check processes were created and approved by the client to maintain their internal standards. By the end of the first year, the client was elated to discover an increase in productivity of their recruiters by 30 percent by saving 1.6 million hours of their work time, accounting for an overall cost reduction of $300,000.

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The ability to extend our workload by utilizing EXO Edge has enabled us to catch our breath as we continue to grow our traditional market and expand into new markets. EXO Edge provides a high standard of quality and the price point allows us to remain price competitive.

– VP of Recruitment, EXO Client