Business Support Services

EXO Edge uses its skilled resources and proven processes to support any repeatable and processed tasks such as data entry, HR support, and virtual assistance.

Document Coding

With the help of indexing and databases formed by extracting Meta Data from scanned documents, attorneys can locate the specific documents quickly. We provide both, objective and subjective coding based on our clients’ requirements

Legal Word Processing

We create, edit, and proofread legal documents with quick turnaround times and high accuracy thereby significantly increasing the efficiency and productivity for our clients.

HR Support Services

Formatting resumes, managing employee lifecycle, payroll helpdesk and benefits management services ensure high levels of employee satisfaction and reduced overhead costs for our clients

Administrative Support

Have a team working to support your sales and marketing efforts and help you generate leads, manage calendars, and keep your CRM clean and optimized for success

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data hosting services

HR Support

Cost-effective solutions that leverage technology and knowledge to transform the business of human resource management.

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