Legal Services

EXO Edge supports our real estate clients with a team of 300 experienced lawyers and legal associates delivering high-quality output consistently and cost-effectively, freeing up clients’ internal legal teams.

We support in the following areas:

  • Contract Management (Drafting, Abstraction, Redlining, Summarization and Playbook creation)
  • Managed Document Review and DSAR support
  • Paralegal Support Services
  • eDiscovery Professional Services
  • Breach Response review (PII, PHI identification)

Contract Management

Outsourcing contract management to EXO Edge offers numerous benefits that can help streamline your contract management process and enhance your business’s overall performance.

Experienced Team

EXO Edge has specialized Contract Management professionals who have the necessary experience and expertise to navigate complex legal language and regulations, ensuring that your real estate contracts comply with the latest laws and best practices.

Technology Agnostic

EXO Edge team is technology-neutral, and we incorporate leading technologies into our workflows, including the latest AI tools and contract management systems, to drive efficiencies and automate processes.

Reports & Dashboards

The EXO Edge team reviews contracts and extracts information into reports and dashboards for clients. This enables our clients to visualize historical, current, and future data and make informed, data-driven decisions. Examples include high-value contracts, contracts with non-standard payment terms, contracts requiring amendment due to statute change, etc.

Contracts Reviewed

  • PMAs
  • MSAs
  • NDAs
  • Lease Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Rental waivers
  • Assignment and Subordination Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Distributor Agreements

What our Real Estate clients are saying

The EXO staff have actually been better than previous US-based staff doing the same job and have completed work/projects way faster than expected. Our staff are now “elevated” to work on more strategic or challenging work, which in turn positively impacts retention.


The EXO team of accountants have much better fundamentals than anyone we have hired in the US previously

Managing Director

Our experience with EXO Edge has been tremendous. We have been given many hours back in our day to focus on core business functions. We are more than pleased with the service that EXO Edge has provided and would recommend to anyone looking to create more operational efficiency within their business.


Thankful for a productive partnership. We appreciate all the support you are providing to our teams


EXO Edge was methodical in planning and collaborating with us to ensure that the team was able to learn and execute our established workflows. They engaged us frequently to ensure that our needs as a customer were being met and that we were achieving our targets.


We really appreciate the team at EXO Edge and the many ways you partner with us to serve our clients. Great team, and thank you for all the support everyone provides


You are working with so much data from various sources and creating thousands of documents … this quarter was a huge success

Senior MD